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Let Wealth Management Institute untie those financial KNOTS with our digital client website that gives you the latest in financial planning technology


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"We want you to experience knowing exactly where you’re heading and having the confidence that you have the right team working with you to get you there.”

Retirement is one of the major life events, if not THE major life event requiring planning – not only for financial preparedness, but for all aspects of retirement life.

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Our unique process is designed to help you get to where you want to go in the most productive manner possible.

“Where you want to go” means living your life on purpose, according to your terms and your timetable.

“In the most productive manner possible” means using our proprietary portfolio management process. While not guaranteed, our system uses risk management procedures to measure supply and demand across all tradable markets. We don’t outsource investment management, like the vast majority of investment advisors do - we embrace it!! True to the fiduciary standard, we manage your money like our own.

We also understand “where you want to go” will change for most people. You may have a time in your life where you take time off from work to hike over Europe. You may also want a condo at the beach for family reunions at some point. It’s your life – we are here to help you live it!!

And “The Knot” ties it all together! Your interactive state of the art personal financial website is key to helping us direct you and guide you to where you want to go.

So like a lost hiker or a boater in open water uses the NorthStar to find their way, plug into “The NorthStar Process” to find your way through life!

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C. Cameron Bell Named Top 100 Advisor

Wealth Management Institute, Ltd. is proud to announce that Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer C. Cameron Bell, MAS, CFP, has been named a top 100 advisor with American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. as of Feb. 28, 2018.

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National Museum of Civil War Medicine Thank You Letter

Thank you to David Price of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine for giving a wonderful speech at our client appreciation event on December 15th at Maryland National Golf Club.

If you are interested in more information,attending the museum, or donating, visit their website here.