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The Knot


Our wealth management clients benefit from the latest financial planning technology, THE KNOT.  This personal and secure website is a complete picture for you.  All of your financial data can be consolidated in one place, including investments, real estate, banking, and liabilities.  Your balances are updated daily.  You can monitor cash flow and see your bottom line at any time.  We track your progress against your goals, so you may be confident to make informed decisions about your finances.  You may access your accounts anywhere in the world, or on a mobile device.

The Knot

Your Client Website helps you see your financial life beyond the numbers.  And with our automated fact finding questionnaire, you can get started with your Client Website on your own in just a few easy steps.  Please see the "A Guide to Getting Started" to begin.

.A Guide to Getting Started

              The Knot uses the account aggregation services of eMoney Advisor.