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The Initial Tour

Take that First Step towards Financial Success?

"The Initial Tour"


The Initial Tour is our innovative process on how you begin your journey to your financial future.

The Initial Tour - Costs 149.99

Pack Your Bag:

What Services you Get:

  • 15-minute phone conversation with Registered Para-planner delivering expectation
  • Receive Financial Organizer needed to organize your finance
  • Schedule “Set Up Camp” appointment with Registered Para-planner

Set Up Camp:

What Services You Get:

2-hour in office meeting with our Registered Para-planner

  • Get your documents inputted into our interactive financial planning tool “The Knot”
  • Start discussing important goals/objectives for your financial future
  • Continued monitoring and support from Registered Para-planner before “Compass and Map” meeting

Compass and Map:

What Services You Get

2-hour meeting with our CFP

  • Gives you an analyze of your current investment portfolio
  • Gives you recommendations to continued financial success
  • A detailed summary with all reports and recommendation
  • 30-Day complementary subscription to “The Knot”

The Initial Tour has 3 components:

Click on Each Link to get a detailed explanation on what to expect

Pack Your Bag

Pack Your Bag

To help guide you through the "NorthStar Process" and achieve financial success. The first thing you must do is "Pack Your Bag."

How to "Pack Your Bag"
Set Up Camp

Set Up Camp

After "Packing Your Bag", it's now time to "Set Up Camp".

Here we will take all of the information from "Packing Your Bag" and with help from our experts will input all the necessary information into our interactive financial planning tool called "The Knot" 

How to "Set Up Camp"
Compass and Map

Compass and Map

Everyone needs a compass and map to find their way down the trail. 

Here we will analyze the data inputted into "The Knot" and our Financial Advisor will give set you on a the right a compass.

Let us be your compass