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Set Up Camp

The best campers will set up a base camp so they give the can properly nourish, sleep, socialize and energize their trek. 

We feel that it is important then when you begin your Initial Trek that we help you set up your Base camp. 

In this meeting, you will be working with our team to input all of your information you gathered in "Packing Your Bag"

In a 90 Minute Meeting with our Registered Paraplanner we will discuss

  • Setup and Introduce our interactive financial planning tool "The Knot" 
    • Imputs all contact information to ensure accuracy and thoroughness
    • Connects all your accounts to the system
    • Introduces your own personal "The Knot" website
  • Discuss Finanical Goals and Concerns that are Personal to You
  • Answers all important questions/concerns with "The Knot"
  • Set Up Compass Meeting with Financial Advisor