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The Art Of Educated Investment

At the Wealth Management Institute, we understand that your financial planning goals are unique. That's why we listen to your dreams for the future, your loved ones, and for yourself. When we work with you, it is not simply a business relationship, but a personal investment in your financial well-being.

The Wealth Management Institute Ltd. (WMI) was founded in 1992 by one of the top leading investment managers in the Financial Services industry, C. Cameron Bell. Bell and his associates have focused their expertise on a strategic and diverse array of financial management initiatives, providing their clients with customized options, using widely accepted tax laws, but independent investment techniques to help build their financial portfolios.

In addition to being a Certified Financial Planner, Cameron Bell is a lauded educator in the realm of investment management, regularly conducting informative seminars around the U.S.  This aspect of his career has greatly informed his professional relationships with his clients.

“I’m amazed by the fact that the average individual will spend more time researching a consumer purchase than they will when deciding to invest their life savings in stocks,” says Bell. “When one of my associates or I work with a client, we engage them in the investment process—explaining their choices and teaching them about wealth management.  The net result is that they are more involved in building their own future, we learn more about their individual needs and, ultimately, we are more successful in helping clients achieve their milestones. An educated investor is truly a better investor.”

This personalized, enlightened and enlightening approach to financial planning and investment has made the Wealth Management Institute one of the leading firms in its industry, and the first partner-of-choice of countless sophisticated investors.