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Paperless Statements

Make your contribution to the “Going Green” efforts by starting out with your brokerage account(s). NetExchange Client offers an array of “Green” benefits that can simplify the clutter – it allows you a paperless alternative. Did you know that NetExchange Client provides you with online access to your brokerage accounts; allowing you to have instant access to balances, portfolio holdings, account activity, order status information, and more?

There are a number of benefits to going paperless, including:

  • Increased security – Going paperless reduces the risk of identity theft associated with sending sensitive financial information through the mail.
  • Instant access – You will receive an e-mail as soon as a new brokerage account statement or trade confirmation is available to view online, avoiding the delays associated with postal delivery.
  • Convenience – You can access your brokerage account statements and trade confirmations from virtually any computer, at any time.
  • Centralized record keeping – Online brokerage account statements and trade confirmations can be viewed together with tax statements.
  • Flexibility – You have the ability to download, print, or e-mail a copy to your tax professional.
  • Reduced paper – Less mail means less clutter, reducing the risk of misplacing important documents.
  • Environmentally friendly – Paper-free transactions are easier on the environment.