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Becoming A Client

The first step

We've all heard the popular idiom that the first step is the hardest. The fact that you're here means you've already made the hardest decision of this process - to take control of your financial future. Whether you're just starting down this road, or a financial veteran looking for a second opinion, we're excited to help. So call us at 800.223.0292 or email us at, and let's get the ball rolling.

What to expect

When you contact us, you'll probably speak with Lauren, our affable client relationship manager. She will ask some basic questions, such as where you live and your current age. Then we'll find a time for you to meet the rest of our experienced team. At that first meeting you'll speak with our founder and executive director, Cameron Bell. He will review your current situation, and together you'll start to outline your financial goals. Then you can go home and we'll get to work. Over the next few weeks you'll hear from us regarding a customized strategy for achieving your goals. If you're not able to come in personally, we can still do all this by phone. Our entire team, from founder to intern, is available to you throughout the process.

Setting financial goals

As mentioned above, Cameron will spend your first meeting getting to know you and understanding your financial goals. Some clients come in knowing exactly what they want, and where they want to go. Some come in with a good grasp of their situation, but need help clarifying the big picture. And others come in aware they should make a plan, but haven't figured much out past that. Wherever you are in that process, we can be a partner helping you meet your goals.

The financial planning process

This is where we get technical. The financial planning process is different for every client, but typically we start with a financial plan and/or retirement analysis. This is an in-depth look into your current financial state, and retirement forecast. From there recommendations can range from increasing your 401(k) contribution, changing an investment approach, or filling an unmet insurance need. Some of our clients have complex and multi-faceted strategies, while others simply have a brokerage account. Your situation and goals will dictate how your individual plan develops.

What to ask

Over the years we have found that meetings are more fulfilling when the client comes prepared with their personal questions. So, as you're preparing to meet with us, jot down any questions you would like answered during the process. If you're having a bout of writers block that's okay, we've prepared some of the most common questions for you below:

  • How much should I save to maintain my standard of living into retirement

  • What can I do to help with a child's or grandchild's education expenses

  • How much can I afford to gift to organizations and causes I care about

  • What are the common financial mistakes people in my situation make

  • How do recent changes in the US Tax Code affect my retirement plans

  • Are my accounts and assets set up properly, and per my wishes

  • How will I pay for your financial planning services

Why financial planning works

We've created a webpage to help explain the importance of wealth management and financial planning. Whether you're early in your career, a seasoned professional ready to retire, or already there - it's never too late to make a plan.